Strength: Reach more people per ad dollar than any other media & it’s geographically targetable.

Cost $175 - $250 for typical Price Advertising highway billboard

Strength: Sound is neurologically intrusive and radio feels like a friend. The problem with radio is that most ads are written in such a way that they’re easily ignored, so your ad will need to be presented repeatedly to the same listener.

Cost $1,650 for new business special 3 wk min.

Strength: Newspaper ads need a visual trigger, a picture of your product. This trigger will attract the attention of customers who are consciously in the market for your product, but those who aren’t in the market will fail to see your ad.

Cost $995 for 1/8 page colour

Perhaps the ultimate tool for psychographic targeting, [but] magazine ads tend to be expensive.

Cost $1200 for 1/8 page colour

Other Media

Delivers the highest impact of any media, but unpredictable viewer habits make it difficult to reach the same viewer a second or third time and cost is out of reach for most.

The advantage of the internet is that it lets you reach the whole world. The disadvantage of the internet is that you’re competing with the whole world.

TODS (Tourism-Oriented Directional Signage)
This is Not advertising. Only available if your business qualifies as “tourism” and there is no opportunity to advertise your value proposition.