Where do Customers shop?

It is a fact that people like to support locally run businesses - they want to keep their money within their community. There is a trust factor for people when dealing with a locally owned business. This is especially important in Northern Ontario, where communities rely on locally run businesses to keep their own lives and businesses running smoothly all year long.

Did you know that out of all the advertising options out there billboards shout that your business is local and trustworthy? Why? Because Consumers see billboards as a big investment reserved for businesses who are going to be around for the long haul. By adding a billboard to your marketing mix potential customers who have heard of you by word of mouth will now have their memories jogged - your logo becomes familiar and your information is now available to them at any time.

One of the great benefits of using billboards as part of any marketing campaign is that your message is repeated to them every time they drive by. Where do you think they are going to shop when n it comes time to buy your product or service? By seeing your sign repeatedly, they are assured that you are a permanent and stable company, able to afford a legit advertising campaign and willing to prominently display it. Your company will come to their mind when your customer needs it, and they know they can reach you quickly, because you are local

If you want your business to shout trusted and local call Price Advertising today and get a billboard working for you in your community! We have a network of 350 billboard sites serving Central and Northern Ontario.