Why choose Price Advertising Billboards?

If you expect more results from your advertising dollars then it is time make the switch to Price Advertising billboard signs to market your business!

Billboards are one of the oldest forms of advertising. With its wide coverage and cost-effectiveness, the success of billboard advertising is unquestionable. At present, businesses spend over $6 billion on outdoor advertising which, especially in this digital age, certainly proves that it's still an extremely effective marketing tool for businesses everywhere.

What makes doing business with Price Advertising so effective?

First we get to know your business and your target customer.
Price Advertising with you to understand your business and its unique marketing needs. We want to know who your target customer is to determine the best strategy to reach them with your billboards. The most effective ad is one that directly speaks to its audience in a clear way. Price Advertising wants your message to get to the right audience!

We help you pick a great location.
With over 350 prime locations in Central and Northern Ontario, Price Advertising helps you to zero in on your target location and customers to strategically place it where it needs to be. This means your billboard will be noticed by those who need to notice it!

Price Advertising works with you to design a sign that will work.Price Advertising helps you design a sign that will get your message read. We make sure your sign is eye-catching and easy to read, so your message gets through. A billboard has 5 to 10 seconds to get your message across, so it is extremely important to use the right colours, the right size fonts and keep the message short. We know what works and can offer valuable marketing advice - we encourage you to read our article on effective signs to learn more. Price Advertising doesn't just give you a place to shout at the world, we make sure your message is effective and interesting!

We make sure your sign will be seen all year.
Our signs are typically 8 feet high by 16 feet wide and placed only 30 feet from the edge of the highway. This gives your sign maximum visibility - every day, all year long. Price Advertising makes sure your sign is seen and your message is getting through!

Keeping your message top of mind.
Once your sign is up, it is displaying your message 24/7, keeping your business in the minds of viewers 365 days a year. Price Advertising takes great pride in clearing the brush and cutting tree limbs on all of our signs every year to ensure they are always highly visible. Price Advertising wants to make sure your billboard is treated with respect, so your message is never buried or forgotten!

To start getting the results you expect from your marketing dollars, give Price Advertising a call today!